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Before                 &                   After

Before                 &                   After

Building a new home can be a rewarding experience but with the costs of a building

parcel, permits and construction of a new home, most of our clients will remodel

their existing home or do an addition rather than building a new one.


Reite Construction can help you along with your goals with over 30 years of experience

in building additions, remodeling, renovations and repair with the highest quality of

workmanship and attention to details while keeping the project on time and budget.


For multi level homes a dumbwaiter is the ideal tool for moving heavy items such

as Groceries, Laundry, Luggage and Firewood from one floor to the next with a just

touch of a button!  You may not realize how easily Dumbwaiters can be installed!!

With a qualified installer it may only take a few hours to have your Lift ready to go,

all for the same cost of a major appliance!

Call for a free consultation to discuss your project with a licensed professional today.

The home in the photo above had a complete face lift with new windows,

doors, skylights, siding & trim as well as a covered patio & office addition.

In the photos below you will find the same home before the remodel,

completely gutted with all plumbing, electrical & non bearing wall removed.

With the demo completed we relocated the Kitchen, Bathrooms & Bedrooms

along with structural supports. The new design utilized the available space

better, making the home feel much more comfortable and spacious .