All Dumbwaiters come standard with:

Powder Coated Car, Rail Assembly & Trolley

UL Certified Elevator Controller

2 Call / Send Stations

2 Door Locks & Safety Switches

Access Door Safety Switch

Adjustable Limit Switches



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Residential Dumbwaiters


Groceries Lift

Laundry Lift

Firewood Lift

Luggage Lift


From the Garage to your Kitchen

From the Laundry Room to your Closet

From the woodpile to your Fireplace

* Dumbwaiter Prices *

EZ-Lift these necessities, or any thing else

you can think of....from one level to the next!!


We offer Sales, Service, and Installation for 

the full line of Residential Dumbwaiters built by PowerLift! 

 You may not realize how easily Dumbwaiters can be installed!!

With a qualified installer it may only take a few hours 

to have your Lift ready to go, all for the same cost

of a major appliance!

There are so many options for Homeowners!  

The do-it-yourselfer can go with the Residential Lift Kit,

or let our experienced Contractors help you from

beginning to end with your plans to install a Dumbwaiter!


We can design the installation to accommodate

any style of home for Remodels or New Construction!

With so many different options for the Residential applications

we can design a Dumbwaiter to meet all your individual needs.  


The links above include detailed specifications and

available options for each of the residential models.


Reite Construction offers over 30 years of expertise in designing

and installing PowerLift Residential Dumbwaiters and Lift Kits.

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